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Health and Human Rights: Doing Justice, Building Capacity

ISHHR Newsletter

2011 vol. 4

ISHHR Capacity Building Workshops and Conference

                       6-9 October 


News from the International Society for Health and Human Rights September 2011
DearISHHR Bird ISHHR members and supporters,

warmly greeting all of you around the world, we invite you to explore the exciting program of the upcoming 9th ISHHR Capacity Building Workshops and Conference on Health and Human Rights, titled ''Doing Justice, Building Capacity''. See you soon in Tbilisi!


Message from the Secretariat


Dear Colleagues,


In the second half of 2011, volatile episodes of unrest and famine cause increased numbers of individuals and communities suffering from gross violations of human rights. Our function in the progress supporting torture and trauma survivors is therefore more meaningful than ever. Dedicated ISHHR members continue assisting people affected by gross human rights violations all around the globe.

There will not be an immediate shift to this picture, nor will a global solution emerge to address the root causes that force so many to flee their homes facing abuse. Thus, providing colleagues with innovative and helpful information and training to address the needs of those affected by policies that leave so many marginalized and with little hope, is a priority to ISHHR.


This issue is also a reminder that the registrations for the ISHHR workshops and conference in Tbilisi are still open at You can register by using the secure credit card payment option (VISA and Master Card), or by making a transfer to ISHHR bank account to avoid additional taxes on-site. I invite you to get involved, contact your networks, speak to your colleagues, persuade grant givers and register for the conference.

Please check the updates on ISHHR website about the workshops, accommodation options and the Program.


I am also most thankful to the dedicated local organising committee in Tbilisi for the wonderful job they have done so far.


See you soon in Tbilisi!


Janset Berzeg

ISHHR Secretariat




The International Society for Health and Human Rights (ISHHR) is an association for health workers engaged in work with individuals and communities affected by human rights violations, torture and trauma. ISHHR aims to gather knowledge about the effects of
human rights violations on health, exchange experiences and information about treatment, psychological and social care, and contribute to the development of interventions both on individuals and at a community level.

We live in a world where human rights are being violated and challenged every day and there are many different ways to deal with this. In order to mitigate some of the effects of these abuses, ISHHR aims to strengthen communication among professionals engaged in work with individuals and communities affected by human rights violations, as well as contribute to capacity building and best practice approaches in the area of mental health and social work.

ISHHR aims to promote awareness of the consequences human rights violations have on health and communities. Developing professional assessments, methods of intervention, treatments and follow-through  are issues of high priority.

ISHHR members are professionals who provide forensic, medical and psycho-social services to both empower and heal survivors of gross human rights abuses and their communities. They are part of the world-wide ISHHR network of professionals working in the field of human rights and health.





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ISHHR membership has priceless benefits for its members! Join ISHHR today to;


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? Keep abreast with news about human rights issues through Health and Human Rights Info newsletter!


? Maintain your international network and knowledge through capacity building activities designed for professionals working with survivors of gross human rights violations!


? Find out the latest news about the 9th ISHHR workshops & conference in Georgia in 2011! 


Go to to become a member today!

In This Issue
Message from the Secretariat


ISHHR Capacity Building Workshops and Conference

6-9 October 2011,  Tbilisi-Georgia 




ISHHR Georgia poster


If you are attending the pre-conference workshops, please send an email to with your choice of workshop/s latest by 3 October 2011. Please note that meeting rooms have been re-arranged and the final allocations are as below. Registrations are on first come first served basis according to date/time of receipt of emails. 


DATE Duration Workshop Presenter ROOM * Capacity
6 Oct PM 1/2 day International consensus on minimal norms in Psychosocial Accompaniment to Exhumations Rosa Lia Chauca, Pau Perez Meeting Room 6 available
6 Oct all day 1 day Bio-feedback STARTTS Meeting Room 4 available
6 Oct all day 1 day Creative Therapies Amber Gray Meeting Room 5 5 places left
7 Oct AM 1/2 day Building response capacity to disasters and major traumatization Dean Ajdukovic Meeting Room 6 EXHAUSTED
7 Oct PM 1/2 day Group treatment with traumatized asylum seekers and refugees Boris Drozdek Meeting Room 6 EXHAUSTED
6 & 7 Oct all day 2 days Community Consultations through Storyboarding Eileen Pittaway Meeting Room 2 available
6 & 7 Oct all day 2 days Designing an anti-trafficking campaign ICMC Indonesia Meeting Room 3 available
7 Oct all day 1 day Multi center torture treatment research: ethological successes and developing a shared vision to overcome the barriers Crystal Riley & Megan Berthold  Meeting Room 5 available
7 Oct all day 1 day Forensic psychology strategies in cases of sexual violence in situations of internal armed conflict REDINFA Meeting Room 4 available



To view the preliminary program please click here(correct room allocations are above).




Below are accommodation options 5-15 min. walking distance to the conference hotel (Radisson Blu Iveria). Please make sure you to book your accommodation in advance:  guesthouse  - Guesthouse - Ultra economic





 News from the Secretariat


Jose QuirogaDr.Jose Quiroga visited ISHHR Secretariat from 8-17 August 2011. Dr. Quiroga is one of the leading doctors in the field of torture rehabilitation. He became personally interested in the subject of torture as the personal physician of Salvador Allende in Chile. Dr. Quiroga is head of the Scientific Committee of the 9th ISHHR Workshops & Conference on Health and Human Rights.



Leah Leah Stonefeld from Arizona State University (USA) is an intern with ISHHR since May 2011. Leah visited ISHHR Secretariat in Sydney in June, and contributed to this Newsletter and to the work of the Secretariat and the Scientific Committee of the 9th ISHHR Workshops & Conference on Health and Human Rights.



Contact Information
ISHHR Secretariat  
PO Box 203 
Fairfield NSW 2165
T +61 2 9794 1960
F +61 2 9794 1910